The Five Cs of the Catechetical Ministry

When exploring tools to use in my catechetical ministry, I often refer to the five "C"s to make sure I have my bases covered. A catechist should be familiar with:
  • Consumption - where can I find good resources for my own growth?
  • Creation - what tools can I use to create engaging media to tell the Story of the Reign of God?
  • Community - what tools enhance the community I belong to, and even broaden it?
  • Collaboration - what tools allow me to work with others so that we can all benefit?
  • Communication - how do all of the above tools help me communicate our faith, and are there tools that can "mashup" or combine bits of the story into a more effective whole?
Can you think of any other main area that technology tools can be used? Calendaring perhaps... or would that fit into the last three "C"s?

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