Digital Natives

Digital Natives are those who are growing up with technology as a part of their lives. They seem to intuit these tools, and expect them in their lives... especially in their education. They seem to "speak technology", and if we don't speak their language, we are missing a prime opportunity to connect with them. I wonder if NOT speaking the language of the learner could be considered catechetical malpractice.

Here is an example of Digital Natives in action:

Did you notice anything odd about this video? Can you imagine what it took to create it? Did you see:
  • Excitement? 
  • Engagement? 
  • Community? 
We now know the story of Shorewood High School. Can we tell our Story using video, and posting it on YouTube? Can our parishes and schools do this?

Share an example of how some Digital Natives you know use technology to:
  • Generate excitement and engagement
  • Build community
  • Stay connected

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