With sites like Facebook (over one billion active users) so engaging to so many people, how can we not be there? If we have a Story to tell, should we not be finding the large audiences?

It is scary to many digital natives... but I imagine missionaries going to foreign countries are scared too. Jesus sent forth disciples by twos. Facebook pages should have more than one administrator as well, especially if they represent official communities. There is so much more to explore than this space could begin to address...

Ooops, excuse me, I have a Facebook note from a former colleague who now lives 5 hours away... I'm back. We have arranged for people from my office to meet him and his new wife for lunch in a few weeks. Ahhh! Distraction or enhanced community experience? My priority is taking the time to stay connected with him. In fact, making time for others is a top priority in my life, it is all about giving ourselves to others, right?

Our diocesan web page and diocesan youth ministry page, try to keep the Story going by posting videos (like ones we create), graphics, prayers, announcements and other information. Many parishes... and lots of youth groups, use Facebook as a prime means of communication... and community enhancement.

Eizabeth Drescher shared that social networking sites enriches face to face relationships in a wonderful essay entitled God's Chosen Tweeters? It certainly seemed to be true to the 40 participants who gathered to celebrate the 40th anniversary of a diocesan retreat experience ... all planned through a Facebook Group:

That is... only 40 attended. Hundreds found out about it, many expressed regrets (summer busy-ness you know), and many reminisced together... something that would not have happened had it not been for this online tool.

What would you post to a Facebook page for the world to see? How would you tell others about that page? What would you post to keep them engaged?

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