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Online Tools


Now that you have your images, you can create an account in a video creation site. Animoto is a popular one. For free, you and your class can create 30-second videos (longer videos can be created for $30.00/year... very reasonable). You simply upload your photos (and video clips too!), choose a theme and a score (this can include your own creation or narration), and let Animoto do the magic.

In this video, we uploaded photos by my colleague, Julie Tschida, and asked our young friend Mariah to record the prayer using a free audio recording application called Audacity. We uploaded that to Animoto as well, and created this video:


With the tools of images and a video creator, you can deliver the Story in many ways. In the following, a group of adults shared an online experience, then submitted words or phrases that came to their mind. Kind of like Lectio Divina or Visio Divina. The words/phrases were then put into a PowerPoint, where they were graphically enhanced. The PowerPoint was then saved as individual JPGs (photos). Finally, the video was created as a reflection tool for all participants:

And, of course, our introductory prayer on the first page of this TechTool blog was made by composer Paul Melley, who shared his song with us through music and fine images.


More and more apps have the capability of uploading to YouTube built right in. Our office tested this capability using the iPad/iPhone/iPod using a fun app call VidRhythm. It walks you through putting together a song (e.g. say "Boom" loudly, or "Happy" on this pitch), and then creates a fun video with music. The fun thing is... you can say whatever you want, like, "God is Good". Here is our creation, made in minutes, and uploaded to YouTube for all to "ooh and ahh" over:

You can also, with a YouTube account, record directly on YouTube, and then share the link. This way you can deliver "talking head" content and messages to your learners.

Your own Video Camera or Smartphone

And don't forget what you can do with your own smartphone or camera! One man "taped" his Confirmation students doing their version of "I am not Ashamed (of the Gospel of Jesus Christ)" commercial seen below.

If you had a camera and 30 seconds to announce some Good News, what would it be, and how would it look. What tools would you use?

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