Examples: Enhancing Images

Now that you have taken some photos, or scanned in some images, you can use them the way they are, or use online tools to enhance them. Some of these tools, and other resources and tools, can be found at Catechesis 2.0, a collection of Web 2.0 tools with descriptions of how they can support catechesis.

Big Huge Labs

For the following, simply put your photos on your computer (the Desktop is good, and makes them easy to find). Go to the site, and follow the instructions. Typically, you click on an "Upload" button, navigate to your photo(s) and click OK or Upload. The site then does something magical to them according to the purpose of the site. For example, the following was created by uploading a photo by Julie Tschida to Big Huge Lab's Motivator and adding text according to the instructions:

The process:
  • Explore the Tool 
  • Oh and Ah over it 
  • Decide what you want to do 
  • Upload your photo/image 
  • Try different things 
  • Download or screen capture the finished product 
is pretty universal. View this video tutorial, and then try other tools list below.

Other sites to try:

  • PhotoFunia - for putting photos in interesting and fun places, like mirrors, ads on Time Square, Art Galleries... fun to create pictures of your learners as you see them... very special! There are even new tools in there lab, where you can create images. Guess whose feast Day it is today as I type this? (note: after downloading the image, I can insert it into a video or PowerPoint/Keynote presentation):

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