Digital Immigrants

Ever notice that an immigrant can learn to speak the language of his/her new country fluently... but an older person retains the accent of his/her language of origin, whereas an younger person speaks the new language accent free? Marc Prensky, in his article entitled Digital Natives - Digital Immigrants, uses the analogy to refer to those who, while perhaps knowing how to use technology, find it to be... well... a different paradigm.

Instead of dwelling on this, let's take a look at a digital immigrant in action:

By a show of hands, how many are digital immigrants?

In what ways are you finding it difficult, or scary, to make use of the technology tools we have at our disposal?


  1. I'm definitely a digital immigrant surrounded by a sea of natives, and trying to learn the language. The computer/typewriter is akin to trying to hang up a cell phone. :)

    1. LOL! We moved from land line to cell over a year ago, and I still walk to the wall where the phone used to hang... often with my cell in my hand!

  2. A friend of mine had a remote opener for her car on her car key. The battery on the opener ran out when she was due at a meeting! She panicked, called her husband, and he said, "Did you put the key in the lock and turn it?" I find myself having many such moments with technology!